The Fishing:


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It's amazing, there's just no other way to describe it. You wake up on the water, and after a gourmet breakfast you board one of our two 35-foot, fully outfitted sport cruisers and off you go, to a secluded part of the bay or out into Chatham Strait -or it's off to the lake for unparalleled fly fising. Our friendly, professional captains and deckhands have extensive knowledge of the fishing grounds and will ensure that your fishing needs are met. You can expect to catch a number of different species ranging from King and Coho Salmon, Rock Fish, Lingcod, and we'd put our halibut fishing up against any in the world.

We are able to customize your Southeast Alaska Experience to include sightseeing, fly-fishing, whale watching, beach combing, and deep inlet skiff tours. The fish are plentiful, and the remote location means a private, uninterupted angling experience is all yours. There's a trophy out there with your name on it, all you need to do is come cast for it.

Halibut are prevelant all summer, Kings begin to taper-off towards the end of the season, and Coho only appear around Week 7. When you call, we'll discuss your particular interests and suggest a schedule that will fulfill them.

One of our guests has posted a video of their experience, which you can watch here.