What does a trip look like?


The journey begins with a flight to Sitka, Alaska on Alaska Airlines -there are two flights from Juneau each day. Sitka is the oldest European establishment in Alaska, and is well worth a visit on your way to or from the Sea Ranger.

After an overnight in the old city, your Alaskan Experience begins with a chartered seaplane flight on Harris Air (price included in your package). You'll coordinate the timing of your flight directly, and after 35 minutes of stunning aerial views, you'll arrive in the Bay of Pillars and be personally greeted by our staff. We'll show you around, get you settled in, feed you if you're hungry, and give you some time to take it all in.

And then we go fishing! How, how often, where and when are up to you and your party. This is your experience --it's yours to shape as you like.

We run twin 35-foot, fully-equiped sport fishing cruisers, the Miss Ashlee and the Miss Alicia, as well as skiffs and various paddle craft for exploring the beaches and wildlife viewing. For the rest of your adventure with us, it's fish, eat, sleep, explore, relax and make merry. The night before your return seaplane ride, we process and package the last of your catch, and have a grand, celebratory dinner to commemorate your time here and all the fun that's been had. The next morning it's back to beautiful Sitka, and from there home (or wherever your travels take you).